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"Die It", Way to Die #734, is the fourth death featured in "Death Be Not Stupid", which aired on March 15, 2009.


Darlene had a very overweight problem. She tried many diet solutions, including eating cabbage, grapefruit, even chocolate (no idea how that is supposed to work), but nothing worked. She tried one more solution after ordering tapeworm larvae online. She swallows the worms, and they make their way into Darlene's intestines. They ate everything that she ate. 3 weeks have passed since then, and Darlene had dropped 4 dress sizes. However, the worms weren't finished--they eventually reproduced all over her body. 2 months later, Darlene started to feel a little ill, and she lost sixty pounds. Because of her so-called "diet", she died on her couch after talking to her friend on the phone. Darlene finally dropped to a size-8 dress, which she wore...in her grave.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Rebekah Zetty - Darlene (lead: intended victim)
  • Kirk Fitzhugh - Himself (Museum Curator)
  • Christine Mulhern - Louise (voice only, lead)


  • Fact: You can't swallow tapeworms for any purposes of losing weight, because it's not a good strategy. In fact, it's an awful strategy. If you want proof, scroll back up.

Segment Nickname

  • As The Tapeworm Turns
  • Dar-Died

Foreign names

  • Tenia Mortal (Mortal Tapeworm) - Latin American dub
  • Die It - screenshot.jpg


    Screenshot from Die It..png
    Dieta Solitaria (Tapeworm Diet) - Spanish dub