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"Die laughing", Way to Die #195, is the eighth and final death featured in "Putting a Happy Face on Death", which aired on December 30, 2009.


Jimmy, a hazardous material removal worker hates his job, but enjoys getting high off nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Jimmy experiments with a gas mask, hooking it up to a tank of nitrous oxide and pumping it full of the stuff. Wanting to take his high to the next level, he dons his Hazmat suit and connects it to the nitrous oxide tank which fills up automatically. After a few minutes of breathing in nothing but laughing gas, he suffocates and dies.


  • Dr. Steven Kim - Biochemist


Foreign Names

  • Totgelacht (Laughing dead) - German dub

Segment Nicknames

  • The Last Laugh


  • Location: It states that it happened in Omaha, Nevada, but there is no city in Nevada with that name. Omaha is actually in Nebraska. This mistake happens again in Fat Man In A Little Swing.

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)