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"Doggie Style", Way to Die #85, is the fifth death featured in "I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)", which aired on April 5, 2009.


Zack Taylor, an alcoholic, entered into a liquor store in order to get more alcohol to drink. While there, he opted to steal some items from the store shelves. When Zack was confronted by the shopkeeper, he fled the store, grabbing a hot dog on his way out. After putting it into his mouth, he continued running. The force caused the hot dog to slip into his trachea, causing him to choke to death. The shopkeeper later calls 911. As he talked to a female police officer, the paramedics took Zack's body to an ambulance to transfer it to a morgue.


  • Jean Mackie - Intervention Specialist
  • Dr. George Fallieras - E.R. Physician


  •  This segment was filmed at the real life La Paz Liquor Store in Burbank, California.
  • This is the first death interviewed by George Fallieras, an E.R. Physician interviewed for most of the Season 3 deaths.
  • Robert Puelo died they same way in St Louis , Missouri in 1994. Paramedics tried to save him by unlodging his Tulare piece by piece but they were too late and only unlodged part of the sausage.
  • This is the first death being named “Doggie Style(d)”. The other is Way to Die #428.
  • The name of the victim is a reference to the famous Black Ranger

Segment Nicknames

  • Introcard

    Eat and Run


  • On a scene where Zack steals stuff from the liquor store shelves, he takes the reading glasses with a red tag on it. But 2 cuts later, the tag turns blue, then back to red after the next cut.
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