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 "Doggie Styled", Way to Die #428, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Ready Or Not, Here Comes Death", which aired on February 23, 2011.


Sparky is a hunting yellow Labrador retriever who loves to fetch hunted duck carcasses (or anything else for that matter), for his two drunk owners. One day, after they fail to flush out some more ducks from a bush clump, they decide to use a stick of dynamite. They throw the lit stick of dynamite into the clump before they have to close their eyes and cover their ears, but Sparky, who thinks it's just a regular stick, instinctively fetches it and brings it back, then runs off to catch a squirrel. One of the owners opens their eyes and uncovers their ears and says "NO, SPARKY!"... right before the dynamite explodes, killing both hunters. The explosion tears off one of the hunters' left arm. After fetching the arm back to the now-dead hunters, Sparky doesn't realize that they're already dead and is hungry.

"What kind of stick was that?"


  • David Reinecker - Dog Behaviorist
  • Nick Plantico - Explosives Expert


  • This is based on an urban legend.
  • This way to die is told in Sparky's point of view, with the announcer voicing Sparky.
  • This Death is The Second Death To Have It Named (Doggie Styled) First Was Way to Die #85
  • In Six Feet Plunder, the narrator mentions that Jim had given most of his inheritance to his dog, who is also a yellow labrador retreiver, so it can be guessed that after this death, Sparky had been adopted by Jim.

Segment Nickname

  • Dynamite Dog (on Spike TV website)
  • Die-Namite

Foreign names

  • Estilo Perrito (Doggy Style) - Latin American and Spanish dubs