Way to Die #874
"Dyin' Maiden"
Name of the death is a pun on "iron maiden" and maid
Dyin Maiden.png
When the doors open...Clara is dead. For her, the revolution is over. Au Revoir, Clara.
Date September 4, 1789
Location Lyon, France
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Penalties"
"Bad Max"
"Caulk Blocked"

Dyin' Maiden, Way to Die #874, is the second death featured in "Death Penalties", which aired on January 25, 2012.


During the French revolution, a French spy for the revolution named Clara poses as a chambermaid to a wealthy magistrate named Pierre in order to steal valuable goods. One day, Clara decides to kill Pierre in order to steal his valuables, but is caught by Pierre's assistant, Gaston. Clara is then sentenced to death inside of an iron maiden (a torture device which impales a victim with spikes throughout the body, but because it does not puncture vital organs, it allows its' victims to die slow and painfully). Clara screams with pain because the spikes hurt her painfully, and Clara dies due to blood loss from the various wounds throughout her body.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Deborah Rombaut - Clara (lead: intended victim)
  • Toni Trenton - French Historian
  • Scott Ehredt - Torture Historian


  • The death segment is based on a sequence from Sleepy Hollow (1999), where Ichabod Crane (played by Johnny Depp) has childhood nightmares about his mother, who was caught by his father for defacing on the floor, was senteced to death by impalement with an iron maiden.
  • This death was in the Death by Request for the Historic Death before it came out.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is no historic evidence of Iron Maidens ever being used for execution. They were pieced together in the 18th century from artifacts found in museums to create spectacular objects intended for exhibition.

Segment Nicknames

  • Iron Maid (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Doncella muerta (Dead Maiden) - Latin American dub
  • La doncella moribunda (The Dying Maiden) - Spanish dub
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