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The Escaped Death sequences were a series of end-episode segments featured throughout Season 1. Rather than feature glorified depictions of people dying, they instead featured legitimate accounts of people who very nearly died. For reasons unknown, these segments were scrapped entirely come Season 2 and onwards.

Episode Date of Story Location Survivors
Life Will Kill You February 11,1990 Daytona Speedway
Daytona Beach, FL
Paramedic Mike Staley
Hard Lives, Easy Deaths October 9, 2005 Siloam Springs, AR Parachute Jumper Shayna Richardson
Unforced Errors July 12, 1998 Lake El Mirage
San Bernardino, CA
Motorcycle Racer Ron Cook
Death Over Easy April 11, 1989 Milwaukee, WI Helicopter Pilot Benjamin Moore
Dead and Deader January 25, 1993 Oahu, HI Tourist Hugh Alexander
Death Gets Busy August 12, 2000 Spanaway Speedway
Tacoma, WA
Stock Car Racer Mike Easley
The Lighter Side of Death February 24, 1985 Firebird Raceway
Firebird Lake, AZ
Drag Boat Racer Sunny Moon
The Good, The Bad, and the Dead February 20, 1991 USS Roosevelt
Persian Gulf
Aviation Boatswain Mate J.D. Bridges
Death Be Not Stupid November 23, 1996 Comoros, Indian Ocean Plane Crash Survivors including Franklin Huddle and his wife
Cure for the Common Death, Part I April 23, 2003 Skydive DeLand
Deland, FL
Skydiver Chris Colwell
Death: A User's Manual May 5, 2005 Mexico City, Mexico Producer/Actor Sergio Mayer
I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)
(Only in the dubs by DMAX and Discovery Science)
May 4, 2004 New York City Reporter Shannon Sohn
I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up) January 29, 2003 Punta Gorda, FL Snake Handler David Weathers

These escaped death segments are only on Season 1 (including two pilot episodes). In the German version however, the escaped deaths of episodes 3-11 are replaced with an extra death segment and one extra escaped death segment is added in episode 12.

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