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"Extinguished", Way to Die #346, is the seventh and last death to be featured in "Death – Putting The "Fun" In "Funeral"", which aired on February 22, 2012.


A Wednesday night dodge ball game begins at a local community center, and Andre, an ex-jock coach, leads his team against a group of nerds. Andre prospected for college but he failed his drug tests. Though his bitter, angry attitude/personality goes on in the game, his team wins. However, Andre is not satisfied after his team players say it's "just dodge ball" and to him, it was life, so grabs a fire extinguisher after his team players tell him to "cool off". However, the fire extinguisher was defective (improperly manifolded), and as he activates it, it explodes and the handle lodges deep into his chest, tearing up his heart, killing him instantly.


  • Dr. Steven Trudeau - Adolescent Psychologist
  • Eric Abrams - Firefighter
  • Lincoln Sadrunge - Andre (lead: intended victim)


  • The end of the video on SPIKE's website spoiled that it is the last death to be featured in an episode, one week before the episode airs.
  • Though the narrator says that the death takes place on a Wednesday night dodgeball game, December 12, 2006 was actually on a Tuesday.

Segment Nicknames

  • Dodgeball Extinguished

Foreign names

  • Extinguido (Extinguished) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.


  • Andre's death is similar to that of Toothy's death in Happy Tree Friends episodes, "Spare Tire".