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"Eye Swallow", Way to Die #623, is the second death featured in "Stupid Is As Death Does", which aired on March 29, 2011.


A man named Chester has acrotomophilia, a sexual attraction to amputees. Chester hooks up with a woman named Devon, who lost her left arm in a car accident and also has a glass eye. After having an intense sex sess ion, Devon leaves to take a shower, only to find Chester dead on the floor when she returns. It turns out that after Devon removed her glass eye, she placed it in a glass of water on the bedside. Chester, who was thirsty and exhausting, unknowingly drank the glass of water and choked to death on Devon's glass eye.

"After their exhausting stump-humping session, Chester was thirsty. He took a drink... and got a mouthful of eye candy."

Segment Nicknames

  • Socket To Me (Spike TV website)

Alternative Description

As seen on Spike TV's website

"A man chokes to death on the glass eye of his amputee lover"


  • Duchess De Sade (Sex Therapist)
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra (Cardiac Electrophysiologist)