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"Fatally Gourd", Way to Die #870, is the seventh and last death featured in "The One About Dumb People Dying", which aired on February 8, 2011.


Dwayne and his buddies go pumpkin chunking using a homemade pumpkin cannon at his farm. Meanwhile, another man named Luther is stealing pumpkins from the farm across to sell on the black market. However, Luther chose the wrong farm to pick pumpkins, or at the very least, a very, VERY bad time to pick pumpkins from Dwayne's farm, as he was right in the middle of the shooting range. Luther ducks down and avoids the first few shots but just as he stands up to make his escape, one of the pumpkins from the cannon makes contact with Luther, and the stem of the pumpkin impales his heart, killing him instantly.


  • When Luther got hit, he fell flat onto his back like a sack of potatoes; if anything, he should have been sent flying a few feet backwards.
  • The CGI render shows the pumpkin exploding, but it stays in one piece in the live footage.
  • At the very end, we can see Luther blinks even he died with eyes closed.


  • Chris Weisbart - DIY Technology Expert
  • Dr. Michael Kurtz - Medical Practitioner

Segment Nicknames

  • Pumpkin Die (Spike TV)
  • Scumpkin Scumbat
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