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"Fecal Attraction", Way to Die #330, is the seventh death to be featured in "Hurry Up and Die", which aired on October 26, 2010.


Cedric (Alex Maskell), a rock star (who looks like Keith Richards) and notorious drug addict, freaks out when he runs out of drugs and his band gets stranded in a dry town, until one of his roadies suggests that he try jenkem, which is when you get high off the fumes from fecal matter. When Cedric is no longer able to defecate, he finds a port-a-potty, sticks his head in, and gets high, but suffers from a brownout and loses consciousness. Because his head is still in the toilet, he asphyxiates from lack of oxygen and excess of methane gas to his hemoglobin.

Cast & Interviewees

  • Jaclynn Robinson - Mental Health Expert
  • Freekshow - Jenkologist
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine and Rehab
  • Alex Maskell - Cedric (lead: intended victim)


  • Many people have drowned in their own feces:
    • The mayor of Betterton, Maryland drowned in a septic tank while checking it as it was one of her duties.
    • 5 people in Uzbekistan in 2005 were freeing a person but the methane gas made them unconscious and they fell into the cesspit and drowned with the person.
  • Also known as “Toilet Cleaned” on the danish version.
  • This death shares its number with Paper or Spastic.
  • The actor who played as one of the roadies would later play as Reggie in Critter In The S****er.
  • This death was Runner-Up B in the "Dumbest Druggie" category in the Death By Request: Special episode.
  • This death was #9 in WatchMojo's "Top 10 1000 Ways to Die Deaths."
  • The second half of the doggerel references Glow Job, as in both deaths the victim breaks the cardinal rule of drug dealing ("Never get high on your own supply").

Foreign names

  • Atracción Fecal (Fecal Attraction) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.