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Fiddle Licked, Way to Die #889, is the third death to be featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


Steven and Miranda were out on a date. A little bit of music, some food and drinks, it made a nice picture. But, it was a lie. Steven's real name is Abdullah Muhammad Yassin and he was on the CIA's most wanted terrorist list. Abdul had cut a path of death and destruction across the Middle East and Europe. Now he had sneaked into the US and was planning something big. Miranda thought her new lover boy was just a rug salesman.

But the plot thickens. A violinist on the trail was not who she seemed to be either. Anna was a trained CIA assassin. She was here in spy talk to neutralize her target, in plain English; to make Abdullah dead and suffer. To accomplish her mission, Anna was given the top secret cutting edge piece of technology called "a plasma laser rifle". The rifle was rigged to fire from inside the violin case. Anna waited for the right moment.

While the audience applauded and Abdullah plotted, she pulled the trigger and the concentrated bolt of gamma rays made it's way into the evil terrorist's brain, causing thermal damage in the process, melting his brain, killing him, and he is sent to hell, much to the horror of Miranda and the relief of Anna, who's satisfied because she has completed her mission.


  • Mike Tristano - Weapons Expert
  • Dr. Vahe Ghazikhanian - Nuclear Physicist

Segment Nicknames

  • A Violin of Violence