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"Fire In The Hole", Way to Die #804, is the first death featured in "Wait, Don't Tell Me – You're Dead", which aired on August 15, 2011.


Casper was the leader of a Neo-Nazi party known as "The Brotherhood". Recently he heard a rumor that his fellow prisoners would make an attempt on his life. So, he begins attempting to break out of prison. He calls his subordinate from the Neo-Nazi party and the most idiot of the Neo-Nazi Party, Darren, to get arrested and help him break out. What the guards did not know was that when Darren arrived, he had a V40 mini hand-grenade deep up his anal canal. Casper's plan was to threaten the guards with the grenade and run out of the prison. An officer puts Darren in the same cell as Casper, calling him a "b*tch" before closing the door. But Darren couldn't push it out his anus. So Casper put on some prostate gloves and reached deep into Darren's rectum and accidentally pulls out just the pin.

"...And Casper's Neo-Nazi party was over."

The grenade exploded inside Darren's rectum, expelling his bladder and all of his intestines, tearing his venae cavae, aorta and other major blood vessels apart, and shattering all pelvic bones. Since Casper was too close to the explosion, it took him out as well, shattering his skull open and causing instant death, sending the Neo-Nazi prisoner straight to Hell. A bloody, gory mess is left inside the prison cell.


  • Mike Putnam - Corrections Deputy
  • Dr. Rob Shapiro - Surgeon

Segment Nickname

  • "Fire In The Hole" (Spike TV website)
  • Neo-Nazi Rest
  • Prison Broke


  • Interestingly, the reason Darren's sphincter may be blocked may be because one of the prison guards used his hand to squeeze Darren's anus, which could have pushed the grenade in and blocked the sphincter.

Segment Description

  • "The head of a prison's Aryan Brotherhood gets a nasty surprise when he tries to have a V40 mini-grenade smuggled to him in the butt of a new inmate." (Spike TV website)

Foreign names

  • Fuego en el trasero (Fire in the butt) - Latin American dub
  • fogo no rabo (fire in the ass) - brazilian dub
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