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"Flame Retard-ant", Way to Die #205, is the fourth death to be aired on "Better Them Than Us" which aired on March 16, 2011.


Richard was a pyromaniac with a perverted addiction to fire. The sense of personal property was all lost on this freak as he usually torched his neighbors' trash cans, he would even go out into the woods to wait for camping couple to leave their tents unattended, then he would move in and burn their tents to cinders. But all this was getting old, and he wanted to take it to the next level. He was about to set fire to a tree (possibly with the intention of causing a forest fire), but he accidentally got some lighter-fluid on his pants; he didn't realize it at first. When he lit the tree up, Richard also went up in smoke. He flails in anquish as the flames tarnish his body. He then jumps into a nearby creek... and goes belly up. Despite the seemingly obvious result, Richard did not burn to death. When he was on fire, he suffered third-degree burns which burned all the way into his bones & cartilage. His joints, muscles, & bones melted & fused together, rendering him completely paralyzed. With this factor, Richard was unable to crawl out of the river, and the water seeped into his nose and mouth, and as a result, he drowned. Richard's demise could have easily been avoided if he had just stopped, dropped and rolled.


  • Dr Marc Kern - Clinical Psycologist
  • Dr. Bal Raj - Orthopedic Surgeon



  • Also called "Stop, Drop, And Die" on the Spike TV website.
  • The producers might have selected Burnside as the location as a joke.
  • It is based on the death of 41 year old Jenny Rider. She sprayed gasoline on her clothes and set her on fire. As it ignited, she changed her mind and sank into a river in New Norfolk, Tasmania, to put out the flames. Then she fell unconscious on a rock and drowned.
  • a man named lewis died similarly