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"Fore Head", Way To Die #479, is the fifth death to be featured in "Come On, Get Deathy", which aired on January 20, 2010.


A thief named Dickie hides behind a "Virtual Golf" display in an arcade to wait for closing time. Bored and impatient, he cuts a hole in the display screen to see outside and, as he is looking, someone hits a golf ball into the screen, which strikes Dickie in the forehead, fracturing his skull and killing him instantly, putting an end to his plans before they even began.


  • Gene Peterson - Retired Police Officer
  • Dr. DJ Green - Trauma Surgeon


  • This death's location is the same as Lac-Toasted.
  • The UK doesn't pronounce Dickie "Dick...ieee" at the end.
  • In the intro screen, both the current and season 1 intro themes can be heard. This also happened in D. U. Die.

Segment Nickname

  • Virtual Goof-Ball
  • Dick...ieee.

    Golf Burnt (Spike TV Website)