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Way to Die #112
"Fur Burger"
Name of the death is a pun on "burger" and "fur", a slang term for a vagina
Fur Burger.png.png
"Those were the days."
Date 2nd Century
Episode this death
was featured in
"Hard Lives, Easy Deaths"
"Back Broke Mountain"
"Tanks For Nothing"

"Fur Burger", Way to Die #112, is the fifth and last death to be featured in "Hard Lives, Easy Deaths", which aired on May 21, 2008.


One method of execution is that the victim had to wear a fur coat, be tied around a tree and then get eaten alive by whatever comes his/her way (in this case a flock of vultures.)


  • This is the shortest death of the entire series.
  • Just like Dive Bombed, the death number is shown both at the beginning and at the end of this death.
  • It is the last pilot season death.
  • This is also the oldest death in the pilot season and the whole of the entire season 1.

Segment Nicknames

  • Chow Ground

Foreign Names

  • Wenn der Geier zweimal hackt (When the Vulture Chops twice) - Alternative German Title
  • Thatbeardedman.png
    Screenshot from Fur Burgwe.png
    Hol's der Geier (Get the Vulture) - German dub