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"Fur Burger", Way to Die #112, is the fifth and last death to be featured in "Hard Lives, Easy Deaths", which aired on May 21, 2008.


One method of execution is that the victim had to wear a fur coat, be tied around a tree and then get eaten alive by whatever comes his/her way (in this case a flock of vultures.)


  • This is the shortest death of the entire series.
  • Just like Dive Bombed, the death number is shown both at the beginning and at the end of this death.
  • It is the last pilot season death.
  • This is also the oldest death in the pilot season and the whole of the entire season 1.
  • This death has the second shortest doggerel quote, the shortest being Way to Die #753
  • This is the last death to have a drawn kill screen
  • This is the last death to be narrated by Thom Beers.

Segment Nicknames

  • Chow Ground

Foreign Names

  • Wenn der Geier zweimal hackt (When the Vulture Chops twice) - Alternative German Title
  • Thatbeardedman.png
    Screenshot from Fur Burgwe.png
    Hol's der Geier (Get the Vulture) - German dub
  • Ptasi burger (Bird Burger) - Polish voice-over