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"Gang Banged", Way to Die #412, is the third death to be featured in "Today's Special: Death", which aired on August 1, 2011.


After a long day of whacking, Silvio and Big Tony liked to unwind with a little steam. Little do they know, Niccolo, the son of a black market booze dealer, is on a quest for revenge after Silvio shot his father in the head. With his gun in hand and hidden under a towel, Niccolo enters and waits for the right moment. Tony and Silvio seem to recognize him. When Silvio asks who he is, Niccolo reveals himself and prepares to fire, but slips on the seat causing him to slip and misfire the gun into a steam pipe. As Silvio and Big Tony run out in time, Niccolo falls in front of the leaking steam pipe, which sends steam heated to 350 °F (177 °C) onto him. The steam melts half of his face, and he dies within minutes if not seconds.

"My name is Niccolo. I believe you know my father!"

-Niccolo's last words


  • This is the seventh and final death to use the number 412.
  • The alternate name of this death may reference to a song by Britney Spears

Cast and Interviewees

  • Adam Meir - Niccolo (lead: intended victim)
  • Bob Davidson - Himself (Retired FBI Agent)
  • Dr. Vyshali Rao - Herself (Cardiologist)

Alternative Name

Also known as "Hit Me Baby" on the Spike TV website

Alternative Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website

"A mafia hit man plans to assassinate the underboss of a rival family in a steam room, but his shot misses and blasts open a steam pipe which scalds him to death."

Segment Nicknames

  • Hit Me Baby (Spike TV Website)
  • Dead Bang
  • Fever Steam

Foreign names

  • Gangster Cocido (Cooked Gangster) - Latin American dub
  • Vaporizado (Vaporized) - Spanish dub
  • a todo vapor (full steam ahead) - Brazilian dub