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"Gas-Hole", Way to Die #502, is the first death featured in "Death Be Not Stupid", which aired on March 15, 2009.


On May 19, 2002, in West Glacier, Montana. A bank robber named Cisco hides out in the wilderness. He now has enough money to make a new meth lab. He celebrates by drinking. Unfortunately, he accidentally smashes his last bottle of bourbon on a rock, much to his anger as he throws his broken bottle onto the ground. Wanting to get drunk but having no booze left (and not willing to get caught by authorities by setting foot in a bar or liquor store), he siphons the gasoline from his motorcycle, thinking he can drink it because it contains ethanol, the form of alcohol found in almost all forms of booze. However, he is unable to keep it down, and when he vomits it back up into his campfire, he is engulfed in flames, causing him to be burnt to a crisp. Cisco should have known that gasoline doesn't just contain ethanol.


Pun-On Phrase

Gasoline and Asshole

Segment Nickname

  • Confusing Beverages
  • Fire Vomit
  • Stroke Hangovers

Foreign names

  • Tonto que Bebe Gasolina (Fool Drinking Gasoline) - Latin American dub
  • Gas-rrafón - Spanish dub