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"Ghost Busted", Way to Die #134, is the last death to be featured in "Tweets From the Dead", which aired on March 26, 2012.


Two wannabe ghost hunters named Chester and Lester walk into the Rodella, a haunted house which was formerly a brothel recording the pilot for their show, The Ghost Molesters. They try to find spirits of prostitutes and have sex with them. However, as they reach into the attic, Chester and Lester run into a ghostly cloaked figure. As they try to check it out, the figure chases them away and they run out screaming.

"They won’t be back."

-The only words of the house owner after scaring Chester and Lester,

The "ghost figure" reveals himself to be the house owner who was annoyed by the numerous break-ins on his property. The men run away, with Lester descending to the ground off the ladder, and Chester making a dash for the car. Once Lester descends the ladder, in a panic, he knocks a wrench off the roof and it hits him in the head, knocking him out.

"With these two, ghost hunting is a full contact sport."

Lester is then run over by Chester with their own car. The wheels crushed his spine, fractured his arms and legs, exploded his heart, and ruptured his lungs, causing Lester to bleed out and die instantly. Upon realizing that Lester was not following him or even in the car, Chester runs out, only to find that he had accidentally killed his partner. Horrified, he shouts, "NOOOOOO! LESTER!!!"

Cast and Interviewes

  • Shavaun Avila - Ghost Hunter (Only in DMAX dubs)
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Surgeon
  • Edward Hong - Lester (lead: intended victim)
  • Ryan Mirvis - Chester (lead)

Foreign names

  • Cazafantasma Cazado (Hunted Ghostbuster) - Latin American dub
  • Posesión Fantasmal (Ghostly Possession) - Spanish dub
  • Entgeistert (Dumbfounded) - German dub
  • Fantasmas dara lustos (Lustrous for Ghosts) - Lazoran dub


  • The title of Chester's and Lester's show is a parody of the show Ghost Adventures.

Segment Nickname

  • Haunted Hoax (Spike TV website)
  • Greed Of Ghost