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"Glow Job", Way to Die #207, is the fourth death featured in "Dead Wrongs", which aired on September 28, 2010.


A drug dealer named Rush does business at a rave, but gets bored when business slows down. Rush then breaks the cardinal rule of drug dealing ("Never get high on your own supply") and takes a few hits of ecstasy. In his high, he injects himself with fluid from a glow stick and dies of phenol poisoning and kidney failure.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Jenna Davis - Master Raver
  • Jayden W. Kappe - Rush (lead: intended victim)


  • Also called "Glow Schmoe" on the Spike TV website.
  • It is based on the lethal injections in Auschwitz in 1941.
  • This death might be similar to Radium Girls (which aired 18 episodes earlier), but in Radium Girls, the victim was innocent. In this segment however, the victim was guilty.
  • This death is similar to Fecal Attraction, as in both deaths the victims break the cardinal rule of drug dealing (Never get high on your own supply").

Foreign names

  • Ver la Luz (See the Light) - Latin American dub.
  • Idea brillante (Bright Idea) - Spanish dub.
  • brilho da morte (death's shine) - brazilian dub