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"Gone Green"  Way to Die #612, is the first death featured in season 5 finale: "Locked and Low Dead", which aired February 29, 2012.


A rich socialite named Sharon throws a St. Patrick's Day party and plans to show off the $3,000 antique green dress she shoplifted, which contains Paris Green dye (a poisonous dye containing a chemical called copper acetoarsenite, common in rat poison). During the raucous party, everyone gets drunk and hurls champagne all over Sharon and her dress. In the morning, while everyone wakes up with severe hangovers, Sharon wakes up to find that she's been dyed green, then takes off her shoplifted dress, vomits green slime, and finally dies of organ failure from the dye seeping into her skin.

Segment Nickname

  • Pretty Poison Dress
  • Fashion Victim (on Spike TV website)
  • Cham-Pain
  • Dress Of The Greens


  • In the CGI segment, the victim was shown wearing a Party St. Patrick's hat, though it wasn't shown in the rest of the segment.
  • The doggerel quote spoofs the song Kermit the Frog sings (It's not that easy bein' green).
  • During the quote, Steve said "Gross bitch!" as a one liner. However, it was edited out.
  • Originally, Sharon was suppose to vomit in a glass pitcher. But, Paul broke the glass pitcher which had shut down production for 30 minutes while the crew cleaned up the broken glass and the prop was switched to a green hat.
  • It is based on the arsenic dress.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Carrie Diaz - Fashion Historian
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Interventional Pain Physician
  • Adventure Paul - Steve (Uncredited)
  • Jessica Lee Wrabel - Sharon (lead: intended victim)

Foreign names

  • Verde de Envidia (Green of Envy) - Latin American and Spanish dubs
  • Es grünt so grün (It's so green) - German dub