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Great Hanged, Way to Die #434, is the seventh and the Final Segment in "Death Be Not Stupid", which aired on March 15, 2009.


Hank told his Wife, that he's writing books for children and currently works on his first best-seller. In reality, he drinks days on with his friends. Because his Wife is a Surgeon and earns a lot of money with it he doesn't have to take care of anything. As his Wife is returning back home and he is not writing a book, he needs to come up with something that does not involve an explanation about the books. His friends tell him that they tie him to a tree, making his Wife think that he got robbed and therefore he couldn't work. Being tied to the tree, he waits for his Wife to return. However, she has to take care of a complicated operation and it takes longer for her to return than normal. Being tied with his arms above him, he has trouble breathing and his heart can not take the breathing resistance anymore, gives up and Hank dies due to heart failure, ceasing his hypocritcal tellings forever. Later that day, his wife comes home and is horrified upon seeing Hank's hanging corpse.


1000 Ways To Die -434 Great Hanged (German Version)


  • Stefan Timmermans - Sociologist
  • Dr. Avi Isnaaya - Pulmonologist & Sleep Expert

Segment Nicknames

  • Well Hung

Foreign Names

  • Ein toller Aufhänger (A great hanger) - German dub

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)