Way to Die #117
"Gut Busted"
Name of the death is a pun on the 80's movie "Ghostbusters" and "gutbuster"
Gut Busted.png
Dave hit the table like a beached whale and croaked. (Belching sound)
Date February 20, 1998
Location Bucket O' Wings
Naperville, Nevada
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death: A User's Manual"
"Shanks for the Memories"
"Blown Job"

"Gut Busted", Way to Die #117, is the first death to be featured in "Death: A User's Manual", which aired on March 29, 2009.


Dave "the Egg" Vespucci is an overeating, beer-drinking slob out on a date at a wings restaurant with his girlfriend Audrey. While on the date, Dave suffers from a bout of chronic belching which disgusts his date. Unbeknownst to Dave, the peptic ulcers in his stomach had began to bleed out, resulting in the burping. Dave convinces Audrey to punch him in the gut, thinking it will cure the burping. The hard blow to Dave's gut causes his stomach to rupture and all its contents to spill out into his body cavity.

"Today Dave was really letting it fly. Audrey was mortified. All she wanted was a nice lunch, not a trip to the zoo."


  • Dr. Dale Prokupek - Gastroenterologist
  • Rachel Madding - Audrey (lead)
  • Jesus Amajen - Dave (lead: intended victim)


  • This Is The First Death To Have The Outro Death Card Picture In The Intro Alive Card.

Segment Nicknames

  • Ab-Dominiation

Foreign names

  • Wohl bekomm's! (Well get it!) - German dub
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