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"Habeas Corpse", Way to Die #64, is the first death to be featured in "Unforced Errors", which aired on February 8, 2009. 


Ian Campbell (Lee McDermott) was impressed with his law firm's new office, but the one thing Ian was impressed with the most was himself. One of his favorite pastimes was hitting on the firm's new female associates. You would think a smart lawyer would know better, but Ian was a sexual harassment case in a $1,000 suit. Ian had a joke he liked to play to impress the ladies: in a conference room on the 40th floor, he'd get a running start and throw himself into the window. The tempered glass would always bounce him back, but this time, it doesn't happen. Ian runs towards the window and shatters it. He falls 40 stories and dies from a shattered skull, his brain herniated onto the streets, and a broken spinal cord.


  • Okorie Okorocha - Attorney
  • Laurel Herter - Glass Designer
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine & Rehab


  • This is based on the death of Garry Hoy, who fell to his death while trying to prove the glass wouldn't shatter. He ran against the window, forcing out the glass pane and then fell out of the window immediately after.
  • Habeas Corpse is a pun on the legal term, "Habeas Corpus". In Latin, it means "You may have your body" and it's a meaning for someone to be released from unlawful detention.
  • This was the first death narrated by Ron Perlman.
    • It's also the first death to use the new death cards.
  • This death is the winner of a Darwin Award.

Segment Nicknames

  • Drop Dead Attorney

Fn names.

Corporación Cádaver (Corpse corporation) - Mexican dub

  • Hábeas Cádaver - Argentine dub
  • Hábeas Cuerpo (Habeas Body) - Spanish dub
  • Tief gefallen (Low Fallen) - German dub
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