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"Hammer Head", Way to Die #742, is the fourth death to be featured in "Young, Dumb, and Full of Death", which aired on November 9, 2010.


Chester was the school's new janitor at an all-girls' preparatory school, but he was secretly a pedophile. He usually spied on the girls playing field hockey with binoculars and a video camera. When one the girls made a wild swing that caused the ball to fly off course, Chester managed to dodge it. He was too distracted by filming the field hockey players that he failed to notice a member of the track and field team preparing for a hammer throw. The hammer hit Chester in the right side of his temple, causing immediate skull fracture which tore major blood vessels inside of his skull and instant death.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Nick Pasqual - Chester (lead: intended victim)
  • Dallas Malloy - Track Hammerthrower Hurler
  • Amanda Chism - Field Hockey Girl (uncredited)
  • Lindsey Grubbs - Field Hockey Girl (uncredited)
  • Jessica Hardulak - Field Hockey GIrl (uncredited)
  • Dr. Reza Jamehdor - Himself (E.R. Physician)


  • Also called "Hammertime" on the Spike TV website.
  • This death takes place exactly 47 years after Bad Hair Day.
  • In 2002, Brittanie Cecil, a 13-year-old American girl, was struck in the head by a hockey puck shot by Espen Knutsen and deflected into the crowd at an NHL hockey game in Columbus, Ohio. She died two days later in the hospital. NY Times has an article about this: https://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/20/sports/hockey-girl-13-dies-after-being-hit-by-puck.html
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    Dallas Malloy (who portrayed the track and field member) was later an interviewee in "She-Manned".