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"Hole 'n Done", Way to Die #279, is the second death featured in "Think Globally, Die Locally", which aired on March 19, 2012.


Martin Manser, an elderly golfer who failed to make it as a professional, competes against Hazel Atkins in the finals of a mini golf championship. Martin soon goes into a streak of bad luck, and ends up beating beaten by the much sweeter Hazel, who wins the trophy along with the $1,000 prize from the championship. In a fit of rage, Martin throws his putter at the scoreboard. The putter breaks, and ricochets back, causing the sharp end to impale Martin in the chest, piercing his heart and killing him instantly.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Alain Azoulay - Martin Manser (lead: intended victim)
  • Jennie Guard - Hazel Atkins (lead)
  • Ted Detweiler - Himself (President, U.S. Miniature Golf Assocation)

Foreign names

  • Hoyo en uno (Hole in one) - Latin American dub
  • En vivo al hoyo (To the hole alive) - Spanish dub
  • Eingelocht (Punched in) - German dub


  • This death is loosely based on the real life death of 16-year-old golfer Jeremy Brenno in 1994. Brenno had missed a shot on the sixth hole at the Kingsboro Golf Club in Gloversville, New York and struck a bench with his golf club in frustration. The shaft of the club broke, bounced back at Brenno and pierced his heart, killing him instantly. 
  • If you look closely at the scoreboard, Martin's surname is misspelled "Manswer", probably referencing to another Spike show, "MANswers"
  • This death is also known as "Foreskins" on the Spike TV website.
  • In the German version, Ted Detweiler's interview is extended.
  • This death is almost similar to Ten-Ass Anyone?, since both deaths featured the loser being fed-up when the game is over, except the victim in this one got impaled in the chest and not in the rectum.