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"Hose Whipped", Way to Die #241, is the second death featured in "Deadliest Kitsch", which aired on October 24, 2011.


A group of protesting women get hosed by flunky police officer Lenny, who was too dumb to pass the police exams. The women getting hosed protest against animal cruelty at a local pharmaceutical company. However, Lenny couldn't handle the water pressure, and he lost his grip of the hose. After whipping back and forth at over 30 MPH(48 km/h), the hose lethally goes out of control, tripping Lenny and then slamming into his skull with its brass nozzle, with death becoming instantaneous. The protesting women scream in shock.

"This was a perfect opportunity for Lenny to air out his cruel streak. But the tubby loser couldn't handle the 1200 pounds per square inch of water pressure blasting out of the nozzle. Whipping back and forth at over 30 miles per hour, the out of control hose became a lethal weapon. First, it took Lenny's legs out, and then it took...him out."


  • Charlotte Laws: Animal Rights Activist
  • David Svoboda: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

Foreign names

  • Azotado por la Manguera (Whipped by the Hose) - Latin American dub.
  • Manguerazo (Big Hose) - Spanish dub