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The "Hummus Barrels" seen in the clip (Turns out, they are mislabeled by Habib and Hadal as they contain mustard and sarin gas)

"Hummus Among Us", Way to Die #267, is the second death featured in It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World, which aired on July 15, 2012.


Two Libyan rebels, Habib and Hadal, who were rejoicing in their country's newfound independence, met up with two Al-Qaeda operatives. When they got inside the shop, Habib and Hadal offered to sell a cache of weapons, government stockpiles and hummus. With the two Al-Qaeda operatives itching to get back to killing infidels, Habib and Hadal figured to seize that chance. Habib initially offers everything and a shot gun for free at a price of $5,000, but the Al-Qaeda operatives demanded a price of $2,000. The negotiations went on, and then Habib offered everything at just $3,500 plus two barrels of hummus, but the Al-Qaeda operatives refuse to pay more than $3,000. So, Hadal has Habib fire an automatic rifle as a demonstration, who aims the gun at an image of Gaddafi, but when he pulled the trigger, he lost control of it and it started firing randomly while the others fall to the ground to avoid it, with some bullets making holes in a hummus barrel. When Habib manages to stop the gun, Hadal, who is recovering from the ground, gets mad, starts hitting him and snatches the rifle away from him, and then, everyone noticed something wrong with the hummus barrel. Habib thought the hummus was smoking and Hadal tried to assure the Al-Qaeda operatives that they had plenty of hummus, but one of the Al-Qaeda operatives told him that it was gas, not hummus. But it wasn't just any gas, it was sarin and mustard gas, both of which are lethal. The contents spew out and fill the shop with mustard and sarin gas, killing everyone as the contents are entering their noses, forming blisters on their skins, attacking their nervous systems, and causing them to lose their muscle control, leaving them to urinate, defecate and suffocate, thus sending them to Hell, where Habib and Hadal won't be selling items to terrorists anymore, and the two Al-Qaeda operatives won't be killing infidels anymore.

The demise of one of the Al-Qaeda operatives.

Segment Nickname

  • Gas Attack (Spike TV Website)
  • Ga-Ssinated
  • Al Qae-Died
  • Gun Hacked (In 1777)


In one of the many of the shots where Habib and Hadal shows the machine gun to the terrorists, one of the terrorists (portrayed by an unknown actor) is shown playing and checking out with the gun in one shot, in the next shot, he is shown not having the gun anymore, and in the next shot, he is shown aiming down with the gun.

In the intro screen, Benghazi is misspelled as "Bengahzi".

Cast and Interviewees

  • Fouad Hajji - Habib (lead: intended victim)
  • Iyad Hajjaj - Hadal (lead: intended victim)
  • Antonio Badrani - Al Qaeda Operative #1 (lead: intended victim)
  • Unknown Actor - Al Qaeda Operative #2 (uncredited: intended victim)
  • David Sivits - Chemist (Only in German version)
  • David Svoboda - EMT
    Hummus Among Us.jpg


  • This is the only way to die number that ends with 67 and is the second and final death to take place on October 21 of a certain year, the first one is Micro-whacked.
  • This is the final death to feature a person portrayed by Iyad Hajjaj and be interviewed by David Svoboda.
  • This is the first and only death to take place in Libya and the final death in the series to feature a death of a terrorist.
  • It is based on massacres and attacks with this weapon.
  • This death has the most number of victims in the whole of Season 6, having four of them dying.
  • As obvious due to it taking place on October 21, 2011, this death takes place just a day after Gaddafi's death.
  • The ImDb website shows that Iyad Hajjaj portrayed Habib and Fouad Hajji portrayed Hadal, although some are confused which is which.
  • When everyone noticed something was wrong with the hummus barrel, it turns out that the barrels actually contain mustard and sarin gas (meaning that Habib and Hadal mislabeled them in preparation of the sales). In stores, hummus has never been sold in barrels, but in cans and bottles.
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Foreign names

  • Hummus entre nosotros - Latin American dub
  • Hummus con Mostaza (Hummus with Mustard) - Spanish dub
  • Ausgekichert (Secured) - German dub