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"Hydrau-licked", Way To Die #414, is the first death to be featured on "Cure for the Common Death, Part II" which aired on December 15, 2010.


Jesse was a low-rider, meaning he had a low-riding car and competing in low-riding competitions. He was pretty good at it too, but, his only problem was he would get insanely jealous if somebody made eyes at his girlfriend, Pinki. On this day, Jesse was competing against another low-rider, when he caught him looking at Pinki. In a jealous rage, Jesse forgets to screw in a bolt that keeps the hydraulic spring connected to his car. At the end of the match, Jesse wins. However, his car then rears up to an almost vertical angle, so when it comes down, the spring shoots out from under the car. It hits Jesse in the chest and ultimately knocks him right underneath the car. The 2 ton car jumps up and down on his chest and head, crushing him in an instant and also killing him instantly. A terrible accident, all because of an unscrewed bolt and it was his own fault. Pinki was horrified that the wheels crushed his rib cage and fractured his skull, bleeding into his brain.

"His car reared up in victory, but when it came down..."


  • Juan Morales - Classic Low Riders Car Club
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Surgeon

Segment Description

  • "A gangsta car customizer is crushed by his bouncing lowrider."


Segment Nicknames

  • Hubcapped (Spike TV)