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"i-Boned", Way to Die #327, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Grave Errors", which aired on March 2, 2011.


A woman named Janice (Brooke Hasalton) seems to intentionally annoy everyone by talking on her cell phone no matter where she was at, even at the movies. She annoyed everyone who was watching a movie even though Janice said that it was only the previews and not the actual feature. Even if Janice was threatened with a gun, she wouldn't stop being such a nuisance. Suddenly, something killed her, and it was... Her own phone. As her phone continually heated up the electrolyte battery fluid inside the phone, it caused thermal bubbling up and the phone overheated and exploded in her ear. Shrapnel from the exploded phone went through her ear and into her brain and like her phone she died from hemorrhaging. In other words, she and her phone were dead.

"Nothing was going to stop her except...her own phone."


  • John Myers - Himself (Movie Theater Usher)


  • Also known as "Battery Dead" on the Spike TV website.
  • Like Shanks For The Memories, this death has no recap.
  • There are two phone-related deaths on other media: 2013's Game Grand Theft Auto V has a mission which one character (Jay Norris) gets killed by exploding cell phone, and 2009 Film Law Abiding Citizen has a scene which a judge also gets killed by exploding cell phone.
  • The explosion of her phone was possibly caused by the overheating of it that came from her excessive usage of it. She did not noticed the heat, probably because of the casing of the phone being too thick.

Foreign Names

  • Celulada (Phoned) - Brazilian Dub

Segment Nicknames

  • Battery Dead (Spike TV)