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"I Spy A Dead Guy", Way to Die #519, is the fifth death featured in "Death Certificates", which aired on July 15, 2012.


Jimmy Dugan has no idea where he is, except for the fact he does not want to be in that place. When he knows he's inside of a garbage incinerator, he hears a red alarm, which is the last thing he hears before he dies. But before the story goes into that, the narrator takes to where it all begin.

Jimmy, a former CIA agent who went into business for himself, now works undercover to steal company secrets. In his newest mission, he was hired to steal computer files from a rival software company. While waiting for his chance, Jimmy was looking at a computer room where a man is working there while he is brooming the floor, and soon after the man leaves the room, he heads to the computer to proceed to his mission.

"But his mission was about to become... impossible"

While stealing the files, a security guard busts him, asking him what is he doing in the room. Jimmy, due to his nature that he's able to escape when he's caught, stops stealing the files and leaves the computer, and to escape, he runs into a storage closet and climbs inside of a garbage chute while the security guard counts 1 to 3 for him to come out with his hands up (Which is the only way out due to him working without a script), ending up inside of the incinerator.

"Dugan was about to go from ex-spook... to exed out."

Once the incinerator activates, he screams in pain as the flames with the temperature of above 850 °C/1,560 °F immediately burn through his skin, muscles and bones, boil and evaporate all of his blood cells, and shut down all of his organ systems. Basically, he had accidentally cremated himself, ending his latest mission as a failure.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Chad Parker - Jimmy Dugan (lead: intended victim)
  • Desi O'Brian Wilson - Security Guard (lead)
  • Ray Chao - Computer Tech working at a software company (uncredited)
  • Dr. Robert Pousman - Critical Care Doctor


  • This is the final death in the series to take place in Massachusetts and the final death where the victim is reduced to it's skeleton.
  • This is the second espionage related death after Double-O-Severed.
  • Before the story begins, there are scenes about how Dugan ended up going to a place he doesn't want to be (in that case, the incinerator).
  • Jimmy Dugan's death is similar to that of Flaky's death in Happy Tree Friends web series episodes, "Boo Do You Think You Are?".

Foreign Names

  • Der Spion, der in die Hitze kam (The Spy that got into the heat) - German dub