"Info-Pain-Ment", Way to Die #185, is the fifth death featured in "Crying Over Spilled Blood", which aired on July 15, 2012.


A workout fanatic named Gunther creates his own line of home fitness equipment made out of bamboo. Gunther has hired some old buddies to film the commercial, but gets frustrated with them and when his bamboo barbell snaps, Gunther storms off, leaving the cameraman and his other buddy alone. They then discover a bamboo exercise bench, one of them decides to mess with it, yelling in a silly caveman voice: Gunther likes the muscles! Gunther want more muscles!! much to the cameraman's amusement. Not long afterwards, Gunther comes back and asks them if they were making fun of him and if he looks funny. The tension of the exercise bench causes a piece of bamboo to fly off and impale Gunther through the ear and brain, killing him.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Jerry TerHorst - Gunther (lead: intended victim)
  • Frank McDonough (Botanist; Only in German version)
  • Dr. Duncan McBride (Neurotrauma Surgeon)



  • One of Gunther's buddy uses an iPhone, which wasn't released before 2007.
  • When Gunther caught the cameraman of teasing him, he still has his headphones on. But after the bamboo snapped, the next shot shows his headphones have vanished.
  • The German version has a plot hole during Frank McDonough's interview as it shows Gunther breaking the bamboo barbell out of anger despite previously showing it break when he was lifting it.

Foreign names

  • Muerte-merciales (Death-mmercials) - Latin American dub
  • Publidoloroso (Adverpainful) - Spanish dub
  • Tödlich fit (Deadly fit) - German dub
    1000 Ways to Die - Info-pain-ment
    The death. 1000 Ways to Die - Info-pain-ment
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