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"Injecti-cide", Way To Die #930, is the fifth death to be featured in "Death Puts On a Dunce Cap", which aired on November 2, 2010.


Cydra is an elderly, former supermodel and beauty queen who wants to regain her looks. Her gay best friend, Kyle, brings in his plastic surgeon boyfriend, Ravi, to help. Cydra was pleased with the results and wanted more, but botox was too expensive. She decides to use corn oil as a substitute for the expensive injections.

"If that sounds stupid, that's because it is."

After a trip to the supermarket, Cydra goes ahead and injects the oil into her face to keep her skin looking fresh and beautiful. Eventually, the oil makes her bleed out from her eyes and lips and causes cell death in her heart and lungs, and eventually, death to herself.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Diane Chambers - Cydra (lead: intended victim)
  • Rahul Nath - Ravi
  • Dr. Julie Edween - Herself (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • Garfield Amanna - Kyle (lead)


  • This segment was based on a Botox mistaken death. See "Way to Die #652".
  • Also called "Filler Up" on Spike TV website.
    • Injecti-cide.jpg
      The actress that portrayed Cydra tragically died On April 10, 2015.