Way to Die #177
"Jack 'n Croaked"
Name of the death is a pun on "jack 'n coke" and "croaked"
Jack 'n Croaked.png
"Jasper died the way he lived. Sipping on the good stuff."
Date August 3, 1911
Location Lynchburg, Tennessee
Episode this death
was featured in
"Bringing in the Dead"
"Tree Mugger"
"Dead Fella"

"Jack 'n Croaked, Way to Die #177, is the fourth death to be featured in "Bringing in the Dead", which aired on January 6, 2010.


Jasper (Danny Ezpone) was a famous Jack Daniel or Moonshiner. Jasper has been a moonshiner for many's a year. Not only Jasper sold moonshine, he tested some of his own moonshine. After a while, he forgets that in his storeroom is a safe. In it was where he sold his secret formula. However, Jasper was the only one who knew the code and testing his own product got him so drunk he can't remember the combination. Frustrated, Jasper gave his safe the boot. However, Jasper did not open his safe but he did open a large gash on his big toe, which later became infected. After two weeks, on Jasper's death bed, his assistant (Jacob Jenkins) came in to give Jasper one last drink. Jasper took the last drink and right before he died of septic shock, his final words were, "Batch number 7 sure was the one."

Following this, the assistant, covers Jasper's body.


  • Bryan Carter - Liquor Consultant
  • Dr. Leslie Kobayashi - Trauma Surgeon


  • The segment is based on the real death of Jack Daniel.


Segment Nicknames

  • Whiskey Business
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