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"Jaw Boned", Way to Die #444, is the first death to be featured in "Stupid is as Stupid Dies", which aired on September 21, 2010.


Jimmy Millican is a meth cook who was once a promising research chemist. He graduated college by the age of 17, but by the age of 19, he became a meth addict. Jimmy spends days upon weeks in his basement lab making the addictive drug. His hallucinations had hallucinations, and even though it was best for him, he wouldn't be leaving the basement anytime soon. Jimmy's version of getting by as his only form of nutrition originates from chewing on a 6-day-old piece of gum that he covers with citric acid to keep its flavor fresh. He does this over and over in a dip, chew, and repeat routine hour-after-hour. But in his meth-addled rush, he mistakenly puts the gum inside a container filled with red phosphorus: an explosive substance found in meth, and fireworks. When he chews the gum, his jaw bone applies 120 lbs of pressure, which was more than enough force to cause the gum to explode in his mouth. It then blew his jaw bone clean off his skull. His brain bounced into the back of the skull, hemorrhaging his cerebral cortex, causing it to bleed out and end his life with a bang as a result.

"His only form of nutrition was a 6-day-old piece of gum. To keep it fresh, he'd dip it in citric acid. Hour after hour, it was the same drill. Dip. Chew. Repeat. Dip. Chew. Repeat. But then he developed a hitch in his dip."

Cast andInterviewees

  • Dr. Brian Wilbur - Emergency Room Doctor
  • Adam Brooks (as Adam Brocks) - Jimmy Millican (lead: intended victim)

Segment Nicknames

  • Chew Bomber (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Goma de Matar (Killing gum) - Brazilian dub


  • Also called "Chew Bomber" on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website.
  • This death was based on a Ukrainian student in 2009 named Vladimir Likhonos.
  • When Jimmy has his jaw blown off, it's obviously computer generated.
  • Jimmy died sitting, however in the CGI, the character's upper body falls on the table.
    • However, he could have fell later on.
  • Jimmy's death is similar to that of Nutty's death in Happy Tree Friends episodes, "Chew Said a Mouthful".
  • This death shares its number with Deadliest Munch.
  • This death takes place exactly 21 years after Red, White and Blew.

    Flavored gum, exploding with flavor!