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Way To Die #532 - Jessica Gas-killed is the third death was featured in Hey! Spencer, got a yellow light.


Jessica Gaskell, a retiring palace staff who does not speaks her voice due to her neck wounded off. She want a heartbreaking to pretend crying herself did not go out there like Jacqueline. She tried to collect the Jacqueline's memo to read on, despite this. She collapsed to the floor after suffered a heart attack and she died within seconds.

"She died in her dream of Jacqueline like memorial to death. Cause of death: Heart attack"


  • In HITMAN™2, Jessica Gaskell who featured in Landslide mission died of a heart attack in her sleep after her heart wounded off. Although, Jessica was exclusively make her appearance as a cameo or minor female character who does not speak.
  • Her death is a reference to Annabelle Neilson died from a heart attack at age 49.