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"Keester Sunday", Way to Die #360, is the third death featured in "Death Certificates", which aired on July 15, 2012.


Jake and Josh Peterson are drug-dealing brothers who end up being busted by a police officer one day. After the police officer threatens them with a cavity search, he throws them into the back of a police van. Josh pulls a water balloon full of cocaine out of Jake's rectum with his mouth, they pop the balloon over themselves and the two attempt to lick it all up before the officer comes back to search them. However, the two brothers end up dying of a heart attack from all the cocaine that was ingested, much to the officer's surprise, shouting "What The HELL?!"

"Listen, you're my little brother! Put your mouth up my ass, and get that COKE OUT!" -Jake saying something like that just can't be left out of the article.

"When it comes to coke, enough is never enough. Until... it's too much."


  • Christian Harris - Drug Investigator (Only in German version)
  • David Svoboda - EMT
  • Josiah Black - Josh Peterson (lead; intended victim)
  • Clark Mitchell Long - Police Officer (lead)

Alternative Name

  • Also known as "Keester-Concealed" on Spike TV's website

Segment Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website * "Two drug-dealing gangbangers die when they try to conceal evidence by eating an ounce of cocaine stuffed up one brother’s ass in the back of a police cruiser."


Foreign Names

  • Verschnupft (Sniffed) - German dub