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"Kill Basa", Way to Die #510, is the sixth death featured in "The Lighter Side of Death", which aired on March 1, 2009.


A man named Donny was a fellow who constantly got laughed out of the men's locker room and out of the bedroom for his "small crotch rocket.". Donny wants to impress women with a "large package." Knowing his penis won't cut it, he uses surgical tubing to tie a 12-inch kielbasa sausage to his upper thigh. The ladies and some men were drawn to his "package." However, he ties the sausage so tight that it cuts off his circulation. The blood in his clogged artery forms into a clot over the next several hours, eventually traveling to his lungs, killing him at a nightclub.

"For Donny, size mattered a little too much. But for one night, this tiny, tiny man had something special between his legs...something to die for."


  • Goofs: Although the scene is set in 1996, a modern cell phone (with photographic capabilities) can be seen.

Foreign names

  • Salchicha Asesina (Killer Weiner) - Latin American and Spanish dubs