Way to Die #162
"Laced Up"
Name of the death is a pun on the phrase "Tied up" and laces
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Debby's Swinger Days are over. If only she would've just hung up.
Date April 2, 1974
Location Tarzana, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Up With Death"
"Pain Saw"
"Drivers Dead"

"Laced Up", Way to Die #162, was featured as the sixth Segment in "Up With Death". The Episode aired on December 16, 2009.


Debby spends most of her time talking to her friend with a Telephone. Today she tells her friend every embarrassing detail about her Husband. To not get bored she walks throughout her house while still talking. When answering the door, her swinger friend has brought her flowers. What she doesn't realize is that the cable of the phone has wrapped itself around her neck. Forgetting to close the door, the Wind smashes it shut, causing the cable to be pulled hard and tighten around her neck. She later dies after the blood supply has been cut off for too long.


  • Dr. Stacey Kaiser - Psychologist
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Carciologist

Foreign Names

  • Wie am Schnürchen (like Clockwork) - German dub


  • This Way to Die is the only missing Segment in the Show that does not appear at the end of an Episode.
  • It replaces Way to Die #89 Greased Is The Word despite that it is normally the fifth segment. This segment is the sixth because it plays after Blades of Gory.
  • It is possibly based on the suicide hangings of prisoners using telephone cords.
  • It was seen on a CBS commercial for the show.
    1000 Ways To Die -162 Laced Up (German Version)

    1000 Ways To Die -162 Laced Up (German Version)

Goofs / Errors

  • During the X-Ray shot, the Cable is clipping through the Jaw
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