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"Last Strike", Way to Die #200, is the seventh Segment in "Death Gets Busy", which was aired on February 22, 2009.


A University Football Player named Daniel throws a party on a roof of a building, but one of the fellow University students is so drunk, which he falls sick and vomits. Despite being told many times to not drink anymore, he ignores the warnings and does it anyway. Later on, he starts throwing chairs off the roof to show his manliness. After getting Police attention, he panics and runs for it, losing his sunglasses and putting on his jacket. When he goes into the hallway, he comes across a mysterious figure that looks like him. Daniel is not frightened by it and he screams as he charges towards it, not knowing that in reality it was just a mirror door, which he rams through the it and bleeds out from his cut jugular vein, causing exsanguination.


  • In the Italian version of the death, English narration can be heard. Normally in episode dubs, the narrator is completely dubbed over. Listening more closely, it sounds like the Aussie version of the show. Same with the French dub.
  • It was a fictional death until on June 12, 2012, Juan Bautista Bolaños Alfaro died when he tried to break into his mother's house by breaking a glass door.
  • The cause of death is later used in Wedding Crasher, however, unlike the aforementioned death, the victim in this death screams due to him being in a hallway where no one else is around after catching police attention.

Cast and Interviews

  • Stefan Timmermans - Sociologist
  • Rickie Marson - Daniel (lead;intended victim)

Segment Nicknames

  • Last Attack
  • Back To The Non-Existing

1000 Ways to Die Last Strike (Original German Version)

Foreign Names

  • Ein letzter Angriff (A final attack) - German dub


  • Crew or Equipment Visible: After Daniel breaks the glass door in one shot, the camera crew can be seen.

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)

1000 WTD - Last Strike Title Card