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"Lawn of the Dead", Way to Die #129, is the first death featured in "Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death", which aired on December 8, 2010.


In the 70's, back when a lot more stuff was legal, a man named Matthew parties with a bunch of his junkie and drunk friends at an outdoor barbecue. After one of his friends dodges death by moving out of the way when fire shoots from the grill, Matthew celebrates by pulling out lawn darts and showing one of the female partygoers how to use them. Matthew tosses the lawn dart up into the air, but gets distracted by the female flashing her breasts (another 70's fad called breast baring) and fails to catch the lawn dart. The dart comes back down with enough speed to impale Matthew through the top of his skull, piercing his brain and coming out the bridge of his nose, killing him instantly, much to the shock of the female.

"Having narrowly escaped a fiery death, Matthew brings out another example of what was wrong with the 70's: lawn darts."


  • Charlie Murphy - Actor/Comedian/Screenwriter (1959-2017)
  • Ethan Mauringed - Matthew (lead: intended victim)

Segment Description

  • "A picnic in the 1970's shows the dangers of 70's living . . . especially the ol' lawn darts."

Segment Nickname

  • Death By '70s (on Spike TV Website)
  • Arr-Ouch
  • Dart Deader


  • This segment is based on the true story of Lawn Darts, which were around in the 1970s, up until they were banned a decade later after causing at least 55 injuries and three deaths.
  • This death is an alert about some common cause of death in the 70's as explosive cars (even the featured vehicle, AMC Gremlin, was not best known for being explosive at that time), cocaine overdose and death by lawn darts.
  • The CGI body has Matthew's hat and moustache.
  • the man with the green shirt is seen behind Matthew as he dies.
  • This death was #8 in WatchMojo's "Top 10 1000 Ways to Die Deaths."


the narrator incorrectly calls the green shirt man Matthew