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Sal's ugly smile

"Little Chop Of Horrors", Way To Die #315, is the sixth death to be featured in the episode "Dying to Tell the Story", which aired on December 29, 2010.


Sal had just cheated two men out to give them $50 dollars for a truck with an engine that could get up to 600$. He attempts to blowtorch the engine from the truck, but the mediocre chain holding it up, made in China, snaps, and the 800 pound steel engine came down from 3 feet high and crushed his ribs, punctured his heart, lungs, caused his eyeballs to pop out, and he bleeds to death.                          As for his chain, made in China.


  • Miguel Porras - Detective
  • Dr. Bal. Raj - Orthopedic surgeon

Foreign names

  • El desmantelador del Horror (Little Chop of Horrors) - Latin American dub.
  • El desguage de los horrores (The desguage of horrors) - Spanish dub