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Sal's ugly smile

"Little Chop Of Horrors", Way To Die #315, is the sixth death to be featured in the episode "Dying to Tell the Story", which aired on December 29, 2010.


Sal had just cheated two men out to give them $50 for a truck with an engine that could get up to 600$. He attempts to blowtorch the engine from the truck, but the mediocre chain holding it up, made in China, snaps, and the 800 pound steel engine came down from 3 feet high and crushed his ribs, punctured his heart, lungs, caused his eyeballs to pop out, and he bleeds to death. As for his chain, made in Mainland China.


(2 thugs show up in front of the garage)

Narrator: Here's how it works: These 2 mooks just stole a car and now they need to dump it.

(Thug knocks the door)

Narrator: So, they go to the neighborhood chop shop,

(Sal opens the gate)

Narrator: to try and get the best price.

Sal: What?

(Thugs enter)

Narrator: Sal's the guy they gotta talk to.

(Sal closes the gate, check the car underneath)

Narrator: But whoever said there was an honor among thieves, never meet this rat bastard.

Sal: 50 bucks.

Thug #2: 50 bucks? Come on, man!

Sal: It's 50 bucks. Take it or leave it.

(Sal gives them 50 bucks, thugs leave)

Miguel Porras: Over the last several years, the rate of stolen vehicles per year has been about nine hundred thousand, you're talking about 6.4 billion dollars per year...

(Thugs leave the garage, Sal grins uglily)

Miguel Porras: in stolen vehicles and parks.

(Repeat After Me is playing)

Narrator: Sal screwed them good.

(Sal opens the car's hood)

Narrator: The car was a junker but the engine was a jewel. A 550 horsepower crate engine...

(Sal laughs of joy)

Narrator: with modified aluminum headers. He can get 600. Easy.

Sal: Idiots! (Laughs)

(Sal turns the torch on)

Narrator: Chop shop Sal got to chopping. Besides ripping off other criminals, Sal had another talent: for his trusty acetylene torch in hand, he can reduce a full car to pieces in minutes. Carving an engine out of this heap of scrap metal was kid's play. But even chop shops have to deal with the realities of global economy: The motor was made in USA, the chain holding in up, made in China.

(The chain snaps, the engine come down and crushes Sal's chest, Sal's screams, bleeding his mouth, dies; the CGI is shown, Chain with "MADE IN CHINA" and 800 pounds motor, distance of 36 inches above chest)

Dr. Bal Raj: With 700 pounds landing on someone's chest, this severe blunt force would cause our ribs to fracture,

(The engine crushes the chest)

Dr. Bal Raj: our heart and lungs be squashed, it would even cause our eyes to pop out.

(Eyes pop out)

Dr. Bal Raj: As well as significant internal bleeding and immediate death.

(The CGI human coughs blood)

Narrator: Sal was a bottom-feeding crook who liked to jerk people's chains.

Sal: 50 bucks.

Narrator: But in this one-man chop shop, Sal found out the hard way.

(The chain snaps, the engine come down and crushes Sal's chest)

Narrator: He was his own...weak link.

Cast and Interviewees

  • P. David Miller - Sal (lead: intended victim)
  • Robert Rexx - Thug #1
  • Lenny Porterfield - Thug #2
  • Miguel Porras - Detective
  • Dr. Bal Raj - Orthopedic surgeon


  • According to Robert Rexx, most of his footage and dialogue was cut out.

Foreign names

  • El desmantelador del Horror (Little Chop of Horrors) - Latin American dub.
  • El desguage de los horrores (The desguage of horrors) - Spanish dub