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"Love Bugged", Way to Die #125, is the fifth death featured in "Life Will Kill You", which aired on May 14, 2008. 


Meet Mark Vogal, or what's left of him. As paramedics carry his decomposed body out of his suburban Paris home, it's important not to feel pity for his lost soul. This death should be filed under "What In God's Name Was He Thinking?".

Mr. Vogal was a classic recluse, preferring the creepy and the crawly over his fellow man. Mark made a meager living dealing snakes, lizards and insects on a shady black market for exotic pets. These creatures were his constant companions, several were deadly and not to be taken lightly.

But it was his fascination for the smallest of his friends that led to his ultimate demise. Mark so loved his black widow spider he gave it a name; Elvira, and he longed to get closer to his tiny femme fatale. Snake handlers are often bit so many times, they built up an immunity. Mark thought he could do the same thing, so one fateful day, he lowered his arm into Elvira's home and took her best shot.

Within an hour of being bit, Mark began experiencing all the symptoms associated with a black widow bite, starting with severe stomach pains. His body was now in a free fall of failing health. Mark foolishly chose to ride out his condition. His reward: a fatal heart attack. In his delirium, he released his gruesome menagerie of pets.

It would be two weeks before his rotting stench brought the French police to his door. In a stroke of irony, Mark ensured the survival of his pets while engineering his own death. The snakes, bugs and lizards were kept alive by feeding on their master's lifeless flesh.

"As soon as he subjected himself to the black widow's deadly toxin, like the hourglass imprinted on it's underbelly, Mark's time began running out, with death the only outcome".


  • Dr. Cyrus Rangan - Director of Toxics Epidemiology Program, Los Angeles County


  • It is the first death to have a quote at the end of the segment.
  • This is based off the death of Ron Hoff.
  • In reality black widow bites are unlikely to kill a person.
  • This is also the first death in the series to have a bad person as a victim.

Foreign Names

  • Jadowita miłość (Venomous Love) - Polish voice-over

Segment Nicknames

  • Loathe Bugged