My Will be done-immediately!

Way to Die #93
"My Will be done-immediately!"
Name of the death is a pun on the saying "I will be done"
It's unfortunate to see that Mordy waited for so long to live out his Retirement just to Die out of pure Luck. Always be very careful with your Wishes.
Date March 4, 1988
Location Avalon Ballroom Catalina, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead and Deader"
"Fang Banged"
"Pop and Lox"

"My Will be done-immediately!", Way to Die #93, is the seventh Segment from "Dead and Deader" and aired on February 15, 2009.


Mordy has the perfect moment in his life. Spending time with his wife and his friends in a club after 40 years of hard work. So perfect that he wishes to one day die with a glass champagne in his hand, his friends and Wife around him and in his ears their favorite music. The wish came faster than he expected after he suffers a heart attack and dies on the spot.


  • Stefan Timmermans - Sociologist

Segment Nicknames

  • My Death will Right Away

Foreign Names

  • Mein Wille geschehe-Sofort! (My Will be done-immediately) - German dub
    1000 Ways to Die My Will be done-immediately! (Original German Version)
    1000 Ways to Die My Will be done-immediately! (Original German Version)
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