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"Nite Capped", Way to Die #171, is the third death to be featured in "Dead and Deader", which aired on February 15, 2009.


Quame and his crew of revelers were celebrating the New Year with a nighttime barbecue. As they were counting down to the new year, Quame shot stray bullet from his pistol into the air on zero. Several miles away, Ronald and his girlfriend were exiting a New Year's Eve party. As Ronald was asking his girlfriend to go out with him, he gets a sharp sting on his shoulder, then blood comes out. A few seconds later, Ronald died. The stray bullet from Quame's pistol unfortunately came back down and hit Ronald in the shoulder. It went through his shoulder and pierced his heart, killing him.

"Imagine exiting a New Years Eve party with a hot date on your arm, and a night full of possibilities in front of you. Suddenly you feel a thud, followed by a sharp stinging pain in your chest. You fall down, and two minutes later, you're dead. That's what happened to our friend, Ronald."


  • Peter Leffe - Firearms Expert

Segment Nicknames

  • Gun-Fire from the Sky

Foreign names

  • Bala Perdida en la Medianoche (Lost Bullet in the Midnight) - Latin American dub
  • Bala Nocturna (Night Bullet) - Spanish dub
  • Tod aus heiterem Himmel (Death out of the blue) - German dub


  • The opening card and the death card uses the same image.
  • The ending theme can be heard at the beginning.