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"No Guts... All Gory", Way to Die #950, is the fourth death featured in "Death Penalties," which aired on February 29, 2012.


Jason is a mugger who successfully manages to steal money from unsuspecting pedestrians without any trouble. Jason attempts to rob a man named Mike, a diving equipment salesman, loading merchandise into his new SUV. As Jason ambushes Mike, he spots a knife in the back of the SUV and demands him to hand it over (Unbeknownst to Jason, that knife is a wasp inject knife, a special knife with a nitrogen capsule used as a self-defense weapon against sharks). Mike makes a bold move by leaping at Jason and slapping the gun out of his hand, but also stabs Jason in the process. Jason manages to retrieve the gun, but accidentally hits a button on the side of the knife which releases a burst of nitrogen into Jason's stomach, causing his intestines to rupture and explode out of his stomach, sending the hardcore mugger to hell where he belongs.


  • Deputy Tom - Police Officer
  • Robert Caslava - Biologist


  • In the German version, the death is set in California, although Leesburg is not located in said state.
  • It is based on the wasp inject knife, which was fairly new at the time it aired.
  • Along with Ex-Squeezed, the victim is tall.

Segment Nicknames

  • Knife Surprise


  • Despite set on 2001, a 2006-12 Toyota RAV4 was mainly featured in this death.