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"Nun Fucked", Way to Die #188, is the second death featured in "Cure for the Common Death, Part II", which aired on December 15, 2010.


Wally, who was tired of his pretend girlfriend (a blow-up doll, that is), was a questionable karate master who shows off his karate moves in hopes of winning himself a real girlfriend. In order to prove his skills, he had Carl, who is his wannabe director friend, to record some clips. First, Wally used a wooden board to break, and broke it in his 3rd attempt. Then Wally unsuccessfully tried to break a block, after which he could hear some girls calling him in his head. The final act? Nunchucks. While twirling them, he accidentally whacked himself with the nunchucks and dropped dead within seconds.

Simply put, it was a case of "three strikes, your out":

"Starting with the wood boards, Wally softened his skull. Then the cinder block put a tiny crack in it. And finally, the nunchucks whack... put him down. Cause of Death? Fractured skull and brain damage."


  • Mark Canonizado - Martial Artist
  • Douglas Carley - Wally (lead: intended victim)
  • Nicholas Mirante - Carl (lead)

Segment Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website

  • "A wannabe karate stud falls victim to his own incompetence with nun-chucks."


  • Also called "Bum Chucks" on the Spike TV website.
  • This death was based off of the Afro Ninja viral video.

Segment Nicknames

  • Bum Chucks (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Nuncabado (Nun-Finished) - Latin American dub.
  • ¿Donde Tenías la Cabeza Wally? - (Where was your head, Wally? - a reference to the Where's Wally books) - Spanish dub.