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"Offed the Hook", Way to Die #223, is the fourth death to be featured in "Stupid is as Stupid Dies", which aired on September 21, 2010.


Hal is a redneck survivalist armed with a shotgun, a chain, and a meat hook. One day, he tried to poach electricity to his TV by throwing his meat hook onto a power line only to have over a million volts of the county's electricity race through his body, render his heart useless, & burn Hal's insides to a crisp. But that didn't actually happen. He was busy using his meat hook and chain to string up an elk carcass on a tree branch and wound up dangling by the cold metal chain as it became a noose & squeezed around his neck, cutting of his air supply. Pitifully struggling to free himself from his dire ordeal, Hal lost consciousness from a lack of air and succumbed to a suffocating fate. ......PSYCHE!!!! But that isn't the way that Hal lose his life, the classic moose hanging is to other idiot. Here's what really happened to Hal. As he was walking to his shack, he accidentally tripped in a ditch and swallowed his meat hook whole. The hook went down his throat and cut through his trachea and pierced through the front of his neck. He breathed in when it went in so it closed off the airway to his lungs and he asphyxiated. His bloody gurgles were his last words & that is actually how he died.



  • Dr Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine & Rehab

foreign names

  • enganchado (hooked) - Brazilian dub
  • Enganchado a muerte (Hooked to death) - Latin American dub


  • This is one of the three death stories to have alternate death scenarios. The others being #61 Furdered, and #182 Homie's Dead.
  • In Buchenwald Prison, prisoners were hanged by meat hooks, which is about similar to this man's death.
  • As Hal is about to die in the real way (at the hands of his own meat hook), he screams in slow motion before the blade of his meat hook got into his mouth.

Segment Nicknames

  • MeatHead, Meat Hook