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Way to Die #396
"Onesie & Donesie"
Name of the death is a pun on "onesie" and the slang basketball term "one and done"
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'Chet was a nice enough guy, but he was his own worst enemy. In the end, the only thing Chet had to fear...was fear himself."
Date December 7, 2008
Location Orlando, Florida
Episode this death
was featured in
"Young, Dumb, and Full of Death"
"Deep Sleep (Walk)"
"Bucky Boned"


"Onesie & Donesie", Way to Die #396, is the first death to be featured in "Young, Dumb, and Full of Death", which aired on November 9, 2010.


Chet was a klutzy salesman and pitchman. During their demonstrations, he first injures himself with a folding ladder after it failed to stay sturdy. He then injures himself with a samurai sword after it he hit the table with it. The samurai sword broke and flew a piece into his chest. He spent days in a hospital bed, and was later back on the set selling and smiling. His final product to demonstrate, an adult-sized onesie, caught on fire after he showed off some giveaway aromatherapy candles. He writhed on the floor, without stopping or rolling, and eventually, he perished. A stage man tried dousing him off with a broken fire extinguisher, but had no luck. Chet died due to major burns on his body.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Rob Ekno - Television Shopping Host 
  • Jayden Visse - Chet (lead: intended victim) 
  • Brianna Delp - Woman (uncredited) 
  • Danny Mokking - Stage Man (uncredited) 
  • Pavel Bindra - Cardiac electrophysiologyst


  • Two of the incidents are based on actual events that happened to TV shopping network hosts.
    • The folding ladder collapse happened to Harold McCoo on the Cable Value Network in 1988, although he was unhurt.
    • The broken sword happened to Shawn Leflar on The Knife Collector's Show on the Shop at Home Network in 2001.
  • A portion of this segment is displayed at the beginning of Asphyxi-Asian.
  • This is the second time the narrator makes a reference to FDR's quote from his first inauguration speech: We have nothing to fear but fear itself. (The first one was Booby-Zapped.)
  • In the dubs by DMAX, Rob Ekno's interview is extended.

Segment Nicknames

  • In Fail Mercial (Spike TV)
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