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"Oprah Winfried", Way to Die #97, is the third death featured in "Death Over Easy", which has been aired February 8, 2009.


An obnoxious former death row inmate named James "Little E" Johnson, whose sentence was commuted to life without parole (much to the disgust of his lawyer, Frank Stone), is watching The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986-2011) on his metallic prison toilet. When he realized that his connection was shortened out, he tries to fix it. When he touches the wire, he is electrocuted to death, thus sending him straight to hell.

"When Little E. grabbed the frayed wire to fix the TV, he accidently turned his throne... into an electric chair."


  • Dr. David Mok - Cardiologist


  • This story appears to be based on Michael Anderson Godwin in South Carolina, an ex-death row inmate who got electrocuted on a toilet seat in 1989 while trying to fix either his headphones or his Television. Ironically, the electric chair was his scheduled execution method before his sentence was changed.
  • It is also based on the death of José Luis Acuna.

Segment Nicknames

  • Tues-Baked
  • Static Shock
  • Stalk Show

Foreign names

  • Oprah Win-Frito - Latin American dub
  • "Frito" mirando la Tele ("Fried" watching the TV) - Spanish dub
  • Tod auf dem Thron (Death on the Throne) - German dub
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