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"Orspasm", Way to Die #268, is the second death to be featured in "Death Puts On a Dunce Cap," which aired on November 2, 2010.


Lucy suffered from involuntary orgasms. She had a condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or "PGAD" for short. Getting 100 orgasms a day might sound great, but for Lucy, it was a living hell. She got rid of the things that triggered her orgasms, and scared off all the guys she met, except for Seth, a sick, perverted, sadistic, callous bastard who enjoyed pushing her "O" button and never knew (or never cared) when to stop. One instance is when he tickled her neck with a feather duster while she was frying eggs, making her orgasm and causing her to drop the eggs on the floor; Seth is unrepentant and calls Lucy "awesome" much to her annoyance. Another one of his shenanigans was secretly setting her cell phone on vibrate and calling it, making her have yet another unpleasant feeling. One day, he poked her with a vibrating muscle massager, hoping to get another reaction from her. Instead, he got what was coming to him. The massager sent Lucy into one of her spasms. Still, in the process, she accidentally smacked Seth across the face, causing him to fall down the stairs, breaking most of his bones, including his neck, spinal cord, and finally, his skull after it made contact to the floor below the steps. As Lucy recovers, she horrifically sees Seth dead on the floor.

Cast and Interviewees

Segment Nicknames

  • Cluster F***ed (Spike TV Website)

Foreign names

  • Or-Espasmo (Wordplay on "Orgasmo" and "Espasmo") - Latin American dub
  • Demasiados Orgasmos (Too much orgasms) - Spanish dub
  • Ausgereizt (Maxed out) - German dub


  • Despite being on Christmas Eve, there is no mention of the holiday and there are no Christmas decorations in the background.
  • Even though Kelly Albano plays Lucy, she does not speak.
  • Also Called "Cluster F***ed" on the Spike TV Website and the Death By Request: Special.


  • Anachronism: Vibrating cell phones didn't exist in 1993.